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Mybb should have Seo features built in
Mybb should have Good Seo features where admins can decide meta deta and verify Google webmaster without installation plugins. It should have good seo with inbuilt search engine friendly permalink on the name of post. Please include this in next update
That is a good suggestion, it will probably be useful in future MyBB versions.
My suggestion would be that SEO should an official MyBB add on. (Private forums don't need SEO)
I do not know why so many people going mad with so called SEO.
No one really knows what is the exact algorithm for Google ranking.
No one.
Besides this is a something that changes constantly.
There is no way for any CMS to come up with them cahges on the monthly, weekly, bases.
Besides none of them SEO recommendations is really official.
Something was relevant about or more than 10 years ago. For now crawlers are smart enough and do not need this.
Search engine friendly permalink?
Maybe, Just maybe, but big sites and FB is the prime example do not care about them.
Many other factors influence rankings, some of them can be fixed using CMS, but some not
Ssl certificates, external links
Speed and layout of your website is probably of few things under your own controll.
Presence of coding bugs
Even then everything goes down the drain just by one theme created by lazy designer.

Age of your website.
But the most important user engagement and unique content, quality of that content
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