Not Solved Please mysql problem
Not Solved
Hello, I have the same problem. I was uploading the style and suddenly the same window popped up as my colleague above, unfortunately I don't know where to find eror.logs, I check in php and there is no such folder. If I can ask for help, please

{Polski jeśli ktoś zna}
Witam, otóz mam ten sam problem. Wgrywałem styl i nagle wyskoczył mi te same okienko co koledze wyżej, niestety nie wiem gdzie znajdzie eror.logs sprawdzam w php i nie ma takowego folderu. Jeśli moge prosić o pomoc to bardzo prosze

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Not Solved
To all those getting generic errors, please turn on MyBB error logging to get detailed info.  This post is useful - link.

Then use your web management panel to read the file or download and read.  Using the linked instructions - file should be in the root of your Mybb install.

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