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I am using MyBB 1.8.22, many peoples are registring to my forum using an email address that does not have a MX DNS record.
I spend my time to disallow Email Address using banning tool, and removing every day accounts awaiting for registration.

Is there a plugin to check the MX during registration?
Or is there a way to auto delete awaiting registration accounts after a number of days?

Thanks for your help.
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Thats a default feature of MyBB to "Prune unactivated users".
ACP > Configuration > Settings > User Pruning

You can disallow registration with certain email domains
ACP > Configuration > Banning > Disallowed Email Addresses

You can also control registration detecting usage of disposable e-mail ids. Few plugins can do that.
I have coded one plugin that has this feature: iPatrol, but keep in mind that the detection process completely relies on third party APIs and may not be accurate always.
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Thank you,

What is the behavior of User Pruning when "Prune user by post count?" + "Prune unactivated users?" are "On" ?

Does it prune "user by post count" AND "unactivated users" ?


Does it prune "user by post count" OR "unactivated users" ?

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