Basic points for users
I know that there is this NewPoints System, and I don't need that.
I also don't need plugin with 99% disabled options, so please read below.

So, I need points system for users that will have this 3 options:
- Option to give X points to all or selected users.
- Option to take X points from all / selected users
- Option to set X points for all / selected users.

That's it. 
If anyone anyone is willing to make it that would be super cool.
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What is the purpose of this feature? I mean, which is the practical use?
One of the uses of this would be to give points to users after certian forum events. So, for example if I start some sort of a "Quizz" on my forum, first 3 winners will get some amount of points.
So with this kind of system, I would be able to organize all kind of events.
PS: I know that same thing can be done with newpoints, but since I really don't need 99% of it's features, I don't want to have not that lightweight plugin with almost all options disabled.
Instead, I think that this kind of system I wrote in the first post would be more efficient.
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Hi, this was coded in the past days, it might be close to what you are looking for.
Hello Omar, that plugin seems to have even more options than newpoints. It's purpose is indeed close to the plugin I am looking for, but it's not what I actually need.
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I suppose you could make use of custom profile fields to keep track of user points, if you need more than one field or even if not, you can use the following to display these fields separated from the rest:

This approach won't give a tool to keep track of records or logs though.
I am not plugin developer
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