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[For 1.8] Image Auto-Resizer
Might be worth reading:
(2021-02-23, 11:13 PM)Alhimika Wrote: Ok. I've done some tests.

Thanks for going to that trouble.

(2021-02-23, 11:13 PM)Alhimika Wrote: In my humble opinion GD wasn't that bad.

Yep, I honestly can't tell the difference. It doesn't seem worth changing libraries after all.

I came across those links too, Omar. It wasn't clear to me whether the bugs have been completely fixed yet - the imagetragick page said something about the fixes not being complete/comprehensive, but that's from several years ago, so who knows?
Yeah, I came to the conclusion that the bug wasn't _fixed_ per se, but rather they are accepted and some _guidance_ into mitigating them is accepted officially (second link).

I myself won't bother and would stick to how MyBB does it at the moment.
Yep, since per Alhimika's testing there doesn't seem to be any perceivable benefit to switching, and given that those ImageMagick bugs possibly haven't been fixed, it does seem best to stick with what we've got.
Hi Gents!
I did a bit more tests and can confirm the differences between GD and ImageMagick are pretty much neglectable.
At least this is in my case and using Jpeg

Another thing I want to mention and to share with others.

Unless specified default GD jpeg quality is about 75 out of 100.
So what the plugin does it's not only downscaling but also compressing a bit more comparing to original file.
This is a something you have to bear in ming while playing with resize settings
For example using plugin settings 2500 x 2500

  • 9.6MB Jpeg 4608x3456 px  - was reduced to 2500x1875px 926KB
  • 2.1MB Jpeg 4608x3456px  - was reduced to 2500x1875px 272KB

This is about 10 times smaller filesize and more than good enough for me. 

Many thanks for the great plugin
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This is nice plugin, and there are few very useful suggestions posted so I'm just curious, are there any plans for new update?
iAndrew & NickGHQ - Respect!!
Yes, @effone is working on compression. I understand he's basing it on the ImageMagick library with a fallback to the GD library, so no external APIs will be required. We don't have a date planned for a new release at this point though.
(2020-12-21, 01:59 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: Say bye to oversized images, long loading times and huge used space for image attachments Smile

Would you believe I did this manually - before this plugin was released?  Went from 10.84 GB of mainly image attachments to 811.1 MB. Sad
What do you mean by "workspace", and what does it have to do with this plugin?

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