[WIP] Modernize Theme - MyBB
(2021-01-01, 01:03 PM)Looks great, Nice and clean design, Is it going to released as free or a paid theme?HMR Wrote:
(2020-12-24, 01:37 AM)Omar G. Wrote: Looks nice. As a suggestion, the "Important Threads" red/purple/crimson color seems off of place, the same color seems good in buttons and anywhere displayed in your screenshots though.

Good luck.

Thanks for the Feedbacks Smile

Here is the Profile pic so far:
[Image: 0nlB0na.png]
The theme looks really good, the only thing I could eye was the same about the "Important Threads" color not matching the theme colors.

Otherwise, probably one of the best themes I've seen, this kind of modernization is what would bring more users to the CMS.

Since you're using material is it possible that you already incorporated full (or partial) responsiveness? And if yes, could you show some pictures for any other device than PC?

Good work, keep it up! :b
Really looking forward for your theme OP. I hope you release a free version. It will indeed attract a lot of new mybb users. And also promote the mybb platform as a whole.
Finally, someone makes better designs for Mybb, I love this design.
[Image: PM8RRQ7.png]
please release this theme...
Loved this theme you gotta release it free!
Here are few more updates:

[Image: d1Quz8w.png]

[Image: zqa0x9g.png]

[Image: 7Ld1zv5.png]

suggestions are always welcomed Smile
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It's difficult to find suggestion, for the moment it look like perfect !
and what about the responsive version of flow theme ?
will you please mention the release date of this theme ?

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