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I was wondering how I might find someone willing to perform a forum upgrade for me (for pay) or be willing to give me step-by-step assistance to do it myself.

I am VERY green with this sort of thing, and I inherited a forum that was run by someone very well-versed. It has a ton of plug-ins and customized stuff and is an old version (1.6.12)

I don't want to destroy anything and have essentially no practice or experience with this sort of thing.

What would you suggest?

Just bumping this - I apologize if it's the wrong spot
You need to put in a request for jobs, and offer your true budget, to do an upgrade will cost about $100 bucks. You will have to evaluate what core files are changed, because if you wipe out core changes, your site is destroyed, unless you back it up and revert it. The first thing an upgrade starts with is a backup, and ability to fully restore.
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Yeah, I made a backup recently, and could obviously do another one whenever we move forward.

100 seems perfectly reasonable.

I don't really know what you meant about the core files, honestly.
I can help you with that upgrade page, Pm me
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