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[For 1.8] Mybb Audio Player Plugin
MyBB Audio Player Plugin[Build #1 (dev)] (v1.0)
-> convert audio links inside a specified tag into audio player.

1. Copy and paste inc and jscripts folder to your forum's root directory from Upload folder.
2. Install and Activate the plugin from Admin CP.
3. Goto Configuration->MyBB Audio Player Plugin->choose the bbcode tag you want to use.

[Image: preview_138616_1609396704_41492794c12091...f0736b.png]

[Image: preview_138616_1609396712_a4df02dc54c19d...f99348.png]

Extend MyBB - MyBB Audio Player
Hi, thank you for your contribution Smile

As a suggestion, you probably would want to use a more complex regular expression to allow URLs that match a pattern.
$re = sprintf("/\[(%s)\](.+?)\[\/\\1\]/", preg_quote($tag));

You could even add a new setting to allow only URLs from specific domains to limit the sources for security reasons.
Will surely consider these things in next update as it is just a developmental release

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