I am extremely new to mybboard and php, but it seems like one of the easiest ones to work with.. a lot better than vbulletin and phpbb.

anyway Wink

i need to know if someone can either make a mod or show me where i can find one to
a) have vertical postbits to the left of the post...
b) add more items to the postbits

i am using the newest version of mybb. 1.1.7 i believe.


A) MyBB's default postbit has the Author Info to the left of the post already, as can be seen here. So I don't quite understand this.

B) You can add any custom fields you have to the postbits.

Take for example the built in "Location" custom field.

It can be called by putting $post[fid1] anywhere inside the postbit template.

You can also call any other custom fields you may have by replacing the '1' in $post[fid1] with the ID of any other custom field, the ID is shown on the Custom Profile Fields page in the Admin CP.

Another example:

Say you add the custom field "Blah" and it has an ID of '4'

We would add this to the postbit so it will show:


Also, once you've grown to using PHP and MySQL fluently, you can also call anything that is inside the "users" table.

For example, my Inventory Shop Mod uses fields located inside the "users" table.

And I would call them like this:

$post[weapon] // For That Posters Purchased Weapon
$post[armor] // For That Posters Purchased Armor

And so on and so forth, although, this is only for those who fluent in PHP and MySQL.
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ok ı ask sometihn about this subject for example ı dont choose anyone of choises and ı wanna look empty there on my posbit ı try this the code
<if condition $ that ı wanna this code ??????
Have you installed the conditionals mod?

Unfortunately, that is not a default feature in MyBB, at the moment, although I do believe it is planned for future versions.
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