Restricted characters in username
I'm after a mod or tweak to prevent users using specific characters when choosing a username.

Specifically the @ symbol.. to prevent them using email addresses as usernames.

I did find an old 2015 plugin "Strict Username" but just get an error on install.. so assume it no longer works.

Anyone got a solution/idea ?

Did you try disallowing the username with "@" symbols in the admin panel? You don't need a plugin for this Smile

Go to your admin panel, page /admin/index.php?module=config-banning&type=usernames

In here, add the following username
The "*" stands for wildcard, "anything"
The @ stands for the @ symbol you wish to disallow
The "*" stands for wildcard again, "anything", but this time after the @ sign

Tested and this worked on my test forums.
[Image: modmybb-banner-0.png]
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Had looked in the config for signups and usernames. Never thought of looking under banning.

Genius !

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