y'all need to release 1.9 now
Or at least implement responsive templates in 1.8

This is overdue for years

Did you guys took a nice bribe?

I'm waiting and waiting and i'm super pissed by now

Make no mistake.

You guys have been a huge disappointment in the last couple years

C'mon man, mybb was once great. you know... the thing!

You better get it right! NOW!

Make MyBB great again!
I really hope to see MyBB 1.9 this year, MyBB team is doing a lot of work.
If you wish to support the development and speed up development, consider donating to MyBB Team
There are several responsive themes already available, even for free...
If thats what your only requirement.

As an admin you should only bother what backend does rather than how.
Quote:Did you guys took a nice bribe?

Please elaborate.
(2021-01-06, 04:53 AM)Omar G. Wrote:
Quote:Did you guys took a nice bribe?

Please elaborate.

MyBB at 1.6 was a real competition for paid forum software. Not anymore.


Anyway i would like to see it coming again. Just add mobile support and its good to go for 2021. Smile
I think the code for 1.9 so far is available on Github. Asking to complete it forcibly without charge is slave labour.

I would personally love to see 1.9 available, but I have to admit that we are at the mercy of whoever ready to dedicate their time for this cause.
Just gonna speak up in defence of the team here and say that I think saying everyone has been a huge disappointment is pretty uncalled for, considering MyBB, like most FOSS, is maintained by people in their spare time for nothing in return (least of all, gratitude).

I've been on the team since 2008 and there have been numerous team members leave over that time directly because they were sick of only ever reading constant complaining from entitled people no matter what they did, and I think I've seen more threads like this than I have of people offering to help, so is it any wonder development is slow when the people giving up their time to do what they can have to read stuff like this? Staff join, get nothing but criticism, so they leave the team, which means development is slow, which leads to more criticism - it's a perpetual cycle where the community contributes to the problem they then complain about.

The code's on GitHub, has been for a long time, clone it and submit some pull requests to fix some issues if you like, nobody's stopping you.
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Free never tasted like pudding.
As a regular mybb user, I see this topic as quite offensive. MyBB team is doing a great job keeping this and you should be more grateful for what we are receiving so far. They have all-time in the world, do not push them. The 1.9 version comes out when it's time for it.
People is free to contribute or criticism the project, though I would like the last to be less harshly than it usually is (not saying this thread has that tone but it might).

Regardless, I think it is clear by now that people who complain isn't interested into contributing but rather getting what they individually expect of the product we provide.

People willing to actually contribute is often found pushing code, contributing to discussions, or contributing as third-party developers let it be by offering free or paid projects.

I think complaints often overlaps visible discussion but ultimately is by far canceled-out by silent contributors (the silent majority, wink wink).

I would personally be more concerned with actual contributors arising their frustration but usually they understand how complex the MyBB project is in regards to its development flow and management. Additionally, it is 2021 and while some people is frustrated by not getting what they expect I'm still eager to see these high profile members forking our project and actually offsetting us since some years by now. I suppose they are hit with reality in some manner.

Anyways, I'm certain we thank your time to open this thread and we shall take it into consideration as appropriate.
I just wonder why you guys have not been able to implement mobile support yet.
I mean its already in 1.9 for quite some time as can be seen here: https://mybb.jsoltesz.com/mybb-1.9/

Why - if not on purpose - haven't you at least implemented that in 1.8 yet?

I mean i got a little carried away ranting when i was opening this thread yesterday.
But i waited a long time before actually complaining. In fact i never ranted about mybb before and im using it since 1.6.

And yes there are some aftermarket reponsive templates and editors available.
But its not the same as top notch native mobile support. Exclamation

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