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Hey Guys,

Now, i have my boards mailing system disabled, because sending out emails take very long.
I enabled it this morning to test out the time.

It took 14minutes for an email to arrive, and it arrived in my spam folder.

Is there a way to make it that email have instant delivery, aswell as not end up in the spam folder?

Thanks Smile

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It needs to be investigated where the delay is located. That could be...
1. on your host system (local mailer daemon)
2. any firewall mechanism (local or external)
3. an external mail system
4. the recipient mail service

First of all check all what you are responsible for and what is accessible to you - so your local system.
If you can access your system via terminal session or other administrative options, then investigate system log files for mailing and keep an eye on mail queues while sending.
When your mailer daemon is forwarding a mails directly, the reason might be anywhere in the outside world.

Of course there are server options to make an outgoing mail treated as spam (this could be a high amount of mails with the same content at a time as well as a hostname/Alias/DNS-related stuff for example). But first check your local system.

Also try sending to different mail addresses on several mail services, to ensure it is not a single mail service causing such delay.

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Ok, thank you.
I will check those things out
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Hey kristiaan,

You can also check the steps out in our mail issues documentation to see if that is of any help.

Let us know if you still get stuck after following the steps.

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Hey guys,

A little update.
I solved the issue by making an email adress on the webhost, and using SMTP as email handler.

Now, is there a way to make emails not get marked as spam? Smile

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