Word filters as Word links

Lets say I wants to use  "Word filters" as word  linker 

But when i put  the same word  (that I search "Word") betwen url ("Replacement") tag this not convert to link (show me url tags like this:


If word betwen url ("Replacement") tag is not the same as in search ("Word")  it is work ok

Any idea for quick fix?
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It's a normal way: you create a loop, the "badword" is replaced with something containing the badword, so it will be replaced...

Peharps you can use, as word, the following: [^\]]asd[^\[] and check "Regular expression". The word searched will be "asd" if there is not ] before and not [ after.
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Your regex works but ignore spaces
What regex: /asd/ don't wiek?
Regex IT is black magic for me

I look into perse_message() and first in func badwordsfilter perser is runed then my code perser why then this loop?
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