Not Solved Merge from FluxBB imports banned users as normal users
Not Solved
I am trying to convert an old FluxBB forum to MyBB.

I have noticed that when I do this the merge makes all of my banned users from FluxBB into regular users on MyBB. This is a problem. I have something like 11,000 banned users as spam was a major problem on my old FluxBB.

Is there a way to get Merge to put my banned FluxBB users in the banned category?

Or is there an elegant way to simultaneously delete thousands of banned users with 0 posts and have their e-mails prevented from re-registering?
Not Solved
You may add the group mapping into the $groups variable in the board define script:

If the banned group ID in the FluxBB is 7, then you should add 7 => MYBB_BANNED, to this array.

After that, run the whole merge again.
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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