Not Solved I can't login
Not Solved
Not Solved
Don't mention if this is a new board, upgraded, or whatever.  In fact, you reveal very little.  Having said that, probably cookie settings - possibly cookiesecureflag.  Seeing as your board is not tls.

If you haven't already, review the MyBB troubleshooting for this issue:
Not Solved
that issue is caused because of old theme in the most of the cases (from what i understood)

the fixing procedure is here:
The following plugin will fix the issue automatically if you don't want to do it manually :

However, if you want to avoid the fixing procedures and etc ...i recommend you to avoid themes 2-3 years old because in future you would facing new and others errors.
I recommend you to use new themes (2020-2021) and well maintained themes such as: Flatty, Square, Emeralnd, Focus Premium Mybb, BootBb, MyIPB Theme,

You will not have such issues or errors with new theme

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