Solved: 2 Years ago How would i add a third box under the 2 first?
Solved: 2 Years ago
Hello so im new to mybb and general forum systems etc. But learn alot last two weeks
im currently editing around in Emerald theme

And was wondering how to add a third box ( Image provided ) --->    

Can i just copy etc Announcments and put it somwhere to get it under or be the first on top of announcements
i want to make a side panel for "Sponsors","advertisements of other websites" as i have added ( i want to do stuff like that with there logo on it aswell so sample would be like this

----------SPONSOR / ADVERTISMENTS----------
- - here goes there logo -

Hope my little text sketch makes since Smile
Solved: 2 Years ago
Yes, you can copy the code from your announcements part and paste it above or below. If you'd like it to show above announcements then paste it above announcements, if you'd like it below then paste it below.

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