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[For 1.8] Mavi Gözlüm Pro v1 ( Full Responsive - Premium) Theme
Theme Name: [/ b] Blue Eyed Pro v1 (Responsive)

[b] Theme Producer: [/ b] axishey63

[b] Compatible Version: [/ b] MyBB 1.8.24

[b] Theme Description:
Optimization, speed, SEO targeted Bootstrap Css V5 is professionally designed with techniques and rules. It has a clean, organized and legible code structure; It can be easily edited and developed specifically for your own request and site structure. It has a fully responsive (mobile compatible / responsive) feature that provides the best access for users by avoiding feature restrictions and is seamlessly supported by all modern browsers. It has a modern component structure open to development.

Some features are listed below:

- Responsive Layout / Compatible with Mobile Devices
- Completely Tableless
- Dark and Light Theme Support (For now Manual translated by Hand: d)
Bootstrap Framework, based on Bootstrap icons
- Use of Colorful Boot Buttons, Alert Messages and jQuery Tooltips
- 3 Column Footer
- Statistics with Countup jQuery plugin
- Easy Customization
- Animated Wavy Footer

Images from the Theme:

[Image: 2IkRpP.png]

Menu Views :

Profil Menu :
Notification Menu :
General Menu :
Login Menu :
Category Menu:

Sayfa Görünümleri :

Portal :
Member List :
User CP :
Moderator CP :
Comment Editor:

Mobil View:


The sale price of the theme is set at 30$ .

Payment Channels

You can pay with Ziraat, PTT, Papara and Enpara.


WhatsApp : +90 (545) 642 62 03 (Recommended - If you can't reach it, send a normal SMS)
e-mail: [email protected]

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