Is IP blocking working fine?

I'm having problem with some " strange people (bot?) registering at my forum. My first attempt to prevent was the IP block but it not worked. I blocked this IP at Jan 29:

[Image: gdQrpmf.png]

But they made a new register yesterday:

[Image: hAVM2JS.png]

They are not activating the (fake) email but continue to registering new accounts.

Another thing... I did set the registration time with the same IP at 8 hours, how can this guy register a new account 20 minutes after the first registration?

Huh Huh Huh
Are you using the default cache mechanism? Please verify the contents of the bannedips cache entry in ACP » Tools & Maintenance » Cache Manager » View.
Yes, I'm using the default cache mecanism. That IP is there:

[Image: oG8Or4T.png]

I made a test, I put another IP and now it is there as [fid] => 2

Let's see in the next days if I will have new problems with this.


The same IP again, how that is possible?

[Image: OFNGv2c.png]

Any ideia how to avoit this?
Hi, what is the value for both the Time Between Registrations and the Maximum Registrations Per IP Address settings?

For this feature to work both settings need to be set higher than 0.

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