Not Solved [Error Message] Get logged out when saving profile/signature
Not Solved
When I try to change my signature and save it I get this:

The following errors were encountered:
  • The password you entered as confirmation does not match the original one. Please confirm your password correctly.

Then I go to the Profile tab, enter my password and suddenly I am logged out and have to log in again.

Same problem on, &

Is it supposed to be that difficult or am I doing something wrong?
Not Solved
This error occurs when password2(field) exist and password not equel password2
Well or you fill in the field or one of your plugin use "datahandler_user*" hooks and do somthing wrong
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Not Solved

Has this managed to be solved? Are you attempting to create a plugin? If not can you post us a list of the plugins you have installed.

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Not Solved
Such problem i am pretty sure you will not have on the default theme.
If you want to use cool theme, i recommend you to change your theme with new one. 2020.

Even if you fix that problem, you would have future problems if the theme is old.
I recommend you Flatty, Square, Emerald, Focus,

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