Sweet Nothings Blue - MyBB 1.2
Hey, does anyone know where I can get the MyBB skin: Sweet Nothings Blue. I already have a version for 1.1 but it screws up. If it is non-existent, wouldnt anyone mind modifying it? Thanks!
I'm not currently aware of a version of this theme that is compatible with MyBB 1.2. I would imagine that 2$CoMpLiCaTeD$4u will update it soon however, as it's been quite a popular theme going on the statistics.
He is in the process of porting his themes to 1.2, I don't know what he has done and what still need to be finished. I'll ask him the next time I see him. Smile
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Yes, im in the middle of converting themes over to MyBB v1.2. Shouldnt be to much long till they are available Big Grin
Ok thanks! Would you mind emailing me when it's finished?
Thanks again!

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