Not Solved MYBB themes not working.
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when i upload themes it turns out like this
and its supposed to look like this
does anyone know why its doing this i reinstalled mybb and nothing is working.
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Get into your mybb root directory.

When There is a /cache/ folder

Since you already have a cache folder, you should have a /themes/ folder. Delete that folder, and everything inside of it.

Now, recreate the /themes/ folder inside of the ./cache/ folder, and chmod it 777

When there is NO /cache/ folder

If there is no cache folder, then create a /cache/ folder. Chmod it to 777, and then create a /themes/ folder inside of that. Chmod that to 777.


Admin CP -> Templates & Style -> Themes -> Your Theme -> global.css

Now, click "Save Changes" and refresh your forum.
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Verify that you have uploaded all required files to the directory of images and your theme requires.

And then verify that you have all in order to work with your new skin, it is simple to add new themes but most of the time you need to upload the files to retrieve some libraries we add or image files.

Even so, many of them requires to install some plugins included on the package, at least i have seen multiple mods like that and all works diferent but have a readme to follow instructions to install it.
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

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I'm having a similar issue with my site. For years I never had any issues then one day the themes broke and I had no idea how to fix them. I'm worried my site took some damage when my host underwent server maintenance, as it happened around that time. Still it was only cosmetic so I put off dealing with it. This will be good for later after I fix some other issues.

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