Editor buttons/dropdown button
I am looking for a plugin that will add buttons on editor

I want to add buttons like




When users click this a drop will appear with this features

Hide for until thanks

Hide for points (When users select "Hide for points" from the dropdown a new input will appear where it will ask for the points he want to sell that content (EXAMPLE)
[hide=cost 20]LINK[/hide]

Hide from Usergroup (This will be only for the upgraded groups) 
Same with "Hide for points", When users click this a new dropdown will appear where users will check which usersgroups want to add 
I want usergroups to appear with name and not with ID in the dropdown (EXAMPLE)

Minimum Reputation Hide (Same with "Hide for points", New box will appear that users will add reputation
[hide=rep 20]LINK[/hide]

There are more options that I want to add there,
I am will pay for this plugin,If someone can make a plugin like this pm me
nice thought... i also want to know how to do this ?
Here is an example how I want this plugin to work
I am using this plugin https://modmybb.com/plugin/hide-mod-plus/

But I may want to add more buttons on editor in the futures thats why I want to have the option in ACP if there they button will be with dropdown or just clickable
if the dropdown will have the second box where users will choose the Number (Min threads,post,How much etc)
and to add dropdown option

[Image: c0jD4KB.png]
Rin editor
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