Looking for Canada Flag custom theme and logo "etc..."
Hello i need someone who is well known on here who can design a custom theme along with some php code edits to eliminate some old plugins. I can show you with pictures what im looking for and then you can decide on your price in Canadian Dollars and then we shall see and decide from there. 

Thank You
hi,if you want i am at your service.
(2021-02-05, 05:22 AM)Mostafa.Shiraali Wrote: hi,if you want i am at your service.

Hello, It's 10:00am here Friday "Eastern Time Zone Canada".

Ok I am glad to have you and I can see you clearly have experience and knowledge in all the right fields that I am looking for. Wink

As for what I need okay I will begin writing below...1,2,3 etc...

1. Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or PC etc... must be user friendly according to screen size and fit in properly

2. Social Media  platforms can Login for automatic Registration  example: https://community.mybb.com/thread-224305.html

3. More exposure like my logo showing with description of thread title when posting forum urls onto social media platforms.  example: https://community.mybb.com/thread-225505.html

4.  Upon Registration member MUST select if they are Female or Male with Age along with Country & Location example what it would look like in postbit classic:        the avature would be blue for male members in a circle shape with first initial if no avature uploaded. For male the stars would be blue and where it says member that also would be blue. The name of the member would also be blue for male like how it is currently on my board.  For Female pink would be the same for everything.
Right now I have 4 plugins for all of this to work so that's why i would prefer it to be coded into the theme or backend so that way it eliminates plugins and so on.

5. logo

6. How about this have a look at my site check it out I am using MYBB default with selected the color flame [ click here ]

7. I need the black borders gone on the mybb default flame, I need a nicer Canadian red to replace the flame red. Everything has to be a nice red and white including logo. Background of forum a Canadian flag transparent.

8 . Allow threads to be rated I've disabled it temporary because there is a problem but for you i have enabled it so that you can what I am speaking about,  [ click here ] & [ click here ] could you perhaps fix this to please?

9. As for Server login and Admin control i would message you privately.

10. Touchups "making sure there's no errors within mybb" and slight improvements for speed and performance if you can please

11.  Making sure that Google Seo plugin is configured properly and everything is selected or enabled correctly.

12. When members posting a video url or music url or news article etc...."where it pops up like its on your site" honestly i would prefer it to be integrated into mybb somehow instead of using different plugins from here is this possible?

You still interested?

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