Not Solved dvz shoutbox brodcast threads not working
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hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well
i was browsing on some mybb dvz shoutbox tutorials and found this
i did every step but when i try enter my forum i get 500 http error, i wanted ask the author if he could help but i realized last time he was actif: 2019-02-20, 02:25 PM so i don't think he will reply, that could be helpful if someone can help me fixing the error or the code, Thanks in advance all kind of help is appreciated.(sorry for my bad eng)
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Have you checked your sever error logs for entries?

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(2021-02-07, 09:06 AM)Ben Wrote: Have you checked your sever error logs for entries?
Hey mate sorry for the late reply, i just saw the reply right now. Anyway can you please tell me where i can see server logs?
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edit i found why the i had the http 500 error and fixed it, but now when i try make new thread to see if it's brodcasting new threads. when i submit new thread i get an other 500 http error but the thread get created and not brodcasted so here i have 2 issues:
1. new http 500 error while creating a thread(but it get created anyway)
2. the threads are not brodcasted on the shoutbox
Hopefully someone can help that would be really nice. have a wonderful everyone!

My bad, solved, i did not ajusted the code.

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