Latest Thread Modification
Hello guys!! first of all a very big thank you to anybody that has to do with MyBB! You guys are plain awesome ;]

I am basically a n00b in the MyBB area so please have mercy!

I will outline my current problem:
I am running MyBB 1.17 on my forum and I have the Latest Thread module showing on the index and the portal. Now, in the forum I have a moderators section, dustbin for useless threads, and a test section which obviously only admins/mods can see. The problem lies in that any new thread made in these sections is shown in the latest threads! Luckily when users try to go to the thread they are not allowed, but its annoying to have threads like "Moderators Log", "New Test" etc popping up along with new threads.

Now my question is: Can the Latest Threads be modified so as not to show posts made in sections that are hidden from normal users?

I am sure someone will come up with something, you have tackled more serious problems!

Cheers guys!!

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