Social Groups 1.8
I have attached a beta version of Socialgroups.  MySQL is the primary database type it was written for because that is what my site uses.  SQLite and PGSQL should be considered experimental.  If there are any errors with SQLite or PGSQL, please post a descriptive error of what the problem is.  Do not do the generic An SQL Error has occurred that doesn't list the query because without the query, it doesn't tell me anything.

Be aware that there may be bugs considering this is a beta version.  At this point the repository is still private.  When I have a full nonbeta release, there will be extensive documentation on things like hooks and which templates are used where.

Edit: Given how out of date the attached file was, I have removed it.
Changes for next build so far:
- Fixes issue with deleting posts
- Adds feature to restore soft deleted threads and posts from groups. Only accessible from Admin CP.
- Fixes issue regarding breadcrumbs on groupcp.php
- Adds announcement manager feature to the Group CP.
- More PHP 8 fixes
- most attributes are now protected or private.
- Log admin actions that involve categories, groups, announcements, leaders, and moderators
- Ability to show My Groups on the forum index.
Will this project be released?
I plan on releasing a beta on Monday so I can perform some basic checks first for MySQL installs. Keep in mind it should not be treated as stable and there may be bugs or errors.
eagerly waiting for the release
The beta release is available now.
Where do you find such beta release ?
(2021-08-06, 04:35 AM)Omar G. Wrote: Where do you find such beta release ?

It is in the Extend section.  It is classified as a Dev build rather than a Stable build.

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