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I haven’t added anything to my forum in weeks.  Due to amnesia, I can’t remember how to do something. 

I have a forum of categories.  Under the category name are the items available.  For example...


If you click on Mint, you’ll see the photo and link and description of the Mint cookies. 

Okay, I have the main category added. I tried to add a flavor of cookie by adding a sub forum.   That link under the main name.  I tried adding it as a child forum which I thought was correct.  It shows as another sub forum ...

Cookies.... blah blah blah Sub–Forum:  Mint

I’m obviously doing something wrong.  I remember clicking on the name and adding the photo at the bottom and the link and description above.  

Please help me!  I have two tabs open for my website and one is for the additional information and photo I believe.

Figured it out. The child forums are added to the main category. Duh. Sorry to bother you.
Not Solved
Categories and Forums Management

Adding Categories
admin control panel>> Forum & Post>>Add New Forum>>Forum type(category)

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