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Alhimika - Precious Metals Refining Forum
Here is my small precious metals refining forum.

Sorry the language is Russian, but I'm posting this here just to show potential of MyBB. 

As it stands feb 2021:

  • Mobile theme
  • Desktop theme
Both based on the same responsive free Netpen theme. 

Original theme was full of bugs and flaws, so took me nearly two month to get to the point I'm proud to show off. 

  • Advanced CKEditor. In fact Rin editor with ability to drag and drop photos straight into editor. Separate editor option to upload photos to local server. Thanks to Martec for his help. 
  • Giphy support
  • Automention
  • Last Poster Avatar
  • Default message
  • DVZ Mentions 
  • Schon gewusst?
  • Letter Avatars
  • My Advertisements
  • MyAlerts
  • MyBB FancyBox
  • MyDropzone. Something I had a trouble to install as a paid plugin, but as soon as free, I managed to math theme and plugin CSS and settings
  • Tapatalk Plugin for MyBB
  • Thank You/Like System
  • View Unread Posts
Whatever else I could possibly miss. 

Good user GUI both mobile and desktop
Very good notifications 

At the moment I did compare to paid Xenforo & Vb. 
Even my forum won't beat them in every single aspect but certainly can compete with and nothing to be ashamed of. 

Since I'm not any kind of professional coder, everybody else could have such a good forum when using MyBB

Many thanks to every developer of MyBB.
My forum powered by MyBB
Looks good, good luck with the forum Big Grin

Please do not PM me for support. I am looking to be hired for paid services.

You can view my paid services here.
Agreed - am not a Russian speaker, and haven't attempted to auto-translate anything, but visually the forum looks very good. You've done a great job with it, especially for not being a professional coder. Best of success with it!

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