delayed moderation could use some work
delayed moderation in 1.8.X could use some work...

1) it doesn't appear to log any of its actions anywhere, aside from the actual task being ran in the task log. I'd like to see what it does logged to the moderation log, like other moderator actions are.

2) it seems to use UTC time settings, even though when you go into delayed moderation, it'll present itself as using the same time settings as whatever is set in your user cp. this can be confusing unless you know what's going on.

3) the task itself, from what I can see, is only set to run once per day. we should probably adjust this to run once per hour, by default.
#3 The task run time can be managed from the task management module.

As per #2, I think MyBB should set some (global) variable to define the server time.
> We should probably improve that some as when you use it, it shows whatever you have set up in your user cp for time settings.

Are you suggesting that the time stamp used should be based on the current time for the logged in user?

I don't think this should be the case, this could lead to bypassing of it (you could manipulate the execution of tasks by any user updating their time settings), which could lead to unpredictable abuse issues. Specially, but not limited, as we move on to adapt this kind of changes to other areas.
I think stuff like this should be manipulated by the server time stamp.

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