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[Image: GIF-LOGO.gif]

REUsers is a community driven digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers from all around. You can also participate in general discussions on our site, make new friends, and have some fun!
Please leave us all your suggestions and report in this thread if you find any bug
There will be more features and more sections on the way.
We hope that this forum will offer things that other sites cannot provide.
The maximum dimensions for avatars are: 600x600 pixels and maximum file size for avatars is 500 KB.
If avatars are too large, it will automatically be resized.
Maximum Number of Images per Signature:2
The maximum number of characters a user can place in a signature:3000
Only unverified members cant add signature
Want to thank someone's post? You can do so by clicking the little thumb under the specific post
Users can also hide download links with hide tags, All you have to do is to thank that user to unlock his/her hidden content
We have implemented a fully functioning plugin which allows users to purchase a forum upgrade automatically instead of waiting for one of us staff members to hand it over to you.
Click here to check our upgrades plans
We have implemented a fully functioning plugin which allows users to Private messaging using /pvt USERID
User ID can be found at User Information tab
Credits are the virtual currency of REUsers. They are used to purchase username icon, Invite others for a bet and much more.
Every post is one credit, every thread is two credits.

Reward System
Users will have the ability to request rewards once they have reached the requirement number of posts and threads at the forum.
We are going to add more rewards at the near future, like requirement number of reputation.
Feedback system (Vouches)
Feedback system (Vouches) has been placed in members profiles next to reputation system.
There are three transaction types: Buyer,Seller and Trader and all users can give +1 / -1 or neutral feedback after the transaction.
Shop Items
Users have the ability to display an item from their shop inventory as an extension to their username.
We also added 21 countries flags at price of 500 credits.
If your country flag isnt there, Just request it by PM to @admin [Image: icon_1608572970_1d871984f118285a667a4b6f63ea7aac.gif]
Additional Usergroups
Additional usergroups are visible only at users profiles, Users with more than one usergroup can choose which one to set as display group from this page
48 Emoticons have been added. Emoticons are also clickable at shoutbox

User Control Panel:
[Image: FDayCCX.png]
Beautifully displayed, the website itself works so beautifully to soothe my eyes with the perfect blending of colors, I am not lying, this is such a gorgeous website, I absolutely love the dark colors, I used a dark tone, you nailed it with the colors. The display and layout are just working on the best level here.
Hey man, what's up?
You should be more original with that theme sorry to say. NulledBB has the same style theme but that forum has it's own developer which is the owner who created theme first. But you seem to manage rip some parts of his theme and make it look a little different of course they run a custom module NulledBB that is why it's quite impossible to rip everything. Anyways no hate just please be more original.

Do NOT PM me for support unless I ask you on your support thread.
how do you make these themes?  Angel

looks great.  Heart

https://inlobos.comHeart  Very cool theme... hope can they customize my forum  Big Grin  Insurance paid for the work via Paypal
@Michael2014 thank you for your words
@Livewire The theme of the forum its completly different from NulledBB, The only think that looks the same are the sections, I will not lie, I got the idea from them
@DiegoPino Thank you, You can PM me on discord

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