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[For 1.8] MMB AI Smart Moderator - Automatic Content Flagging
AI Smart Moderator 1.0.0 by



A smart artificial intelligence moderator. Automatically add AI flagged content to a moderation queue.

How do you avoid rude, or negative posts before they appear to other users? What about an AI (artificial intelligence) which automatically flags suspiciously negative posts? Wouldn't that be amazing? That's exactly what this plugin is!

Whenever a post (new thread, or new reply) comes in, the AI kicks in and analyzes the title and content of the post. If the post appears to be too negative it moves it to the moderation queue.

The users won't notice their post was specifically flagged, instead, a generic moderation message is shown to the user that all posts in the specific forum need to be moderated.

Fine-grained control. The administrator can set up the threshold of negativity. Any posts more negative than this threshold will be moved to the moderation queue. If you notice too many posts are being moved to the moderation queue, which should not -- simply change this threshold to be more strict, depending on your forums.

Configurable. The administrator can specify in which forums the smart AI moderator should monitor. Other forums will not be affected. Special user groups can be defined, which will be exempt from the smart AI moderation. Those user's posts will never be moderated by this plugin.

This plugin only works for English forums. While it could work for other forums, the current AI dataset is made for English forums. If you do wish another language, contact us and we can update the plugin to also support your language.

Note: The robot from the image associated with this plugin is not included in this plugin. It is an illustration of the automated capabilities of this plugin.

See our full product page for more information.

Technical Requirements: MyBB 1.8, PHP 5+

Price: Full access to all ModMyBB plugins from our lowest price 17 EUR, see memberships. Currently counting 21 plugins, all in one membership, and soon more to be released! That's only about 0.81 EUR per plugin (not available separately)!

Payment method: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank, all supported by the PayPal platform

Invoices will be sent after the order.

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If you think I've helped you; a + rep would be appreciated.
Nice concept but what kind of negativity will be identify by this plugin and how?
Thank you.
Nice. I'd like to see more ai involved plugins.

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