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[For 1.8] [ETS] Threadlist Filter Prefix
[ETS] Threadlist Filter Prefix

Displays a selection to filter thread list by prefixes with additional options and styling.
Efficient code and optimized processing without redudancy in calling methods.
Multilingual plug-in using language files and embedded scalable vectors (SVG).

Plugin options and settings in ACP:
- Enable/Disable filter
- Set filter for specific user groups
- Set filter for specific forums
- Set build-in styling
- Show caption (optional)
- Show reset button (optional)
- Show thread count (optional)
- Define own CSS classes for link buttons (optional)

Build-in stylings:
1. Plain Text
2. Defined Prefix Style
3. Button Style
4. Navigation Style
5. Pagination Style
6. Postbit Button Style
7. Head Link Style (thead)
8. Foot Link Style (tfoot)
9. Category Link Style (tcat)
10. Drop-Down Select



Preview on a custom theme
[Image: preview_128511_1615073479_5b5bf996afaa49...342c5d.png]

Preview of pagination style on standard theme
[Image: preview_128511_1615073470_e4942f1964de64...ae9c0c.png]

Preview of Drop-down style on standard theme
[Image: preview_128511_1615073778_ca83c2c67aad38...23b11c.png]

Available options in ACP:

[Image: preview_128511_1615073485_d8786d2691031d...96015f.png]

Build-in styles
[Image: preview_128511_1615073492_caaf8cbe085bf5...f0552b.png]

Translations included:
English / German(Deutsch Du/Sie)


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+1 Thank You for Plugin,

Today teste the plugin with Prefix Filter your plugin have more customize styles.

i liked the option of display Filter Prefix, anexo images of testing:

- Style Defined
[Image: defined.png]

- Style
[Image: button.png]

- Pagination Style its more like to me
[Image: pagination-style.png]

Thank you

Remember, you can also use generic classes for most granular styling of all filter elements.
Quote:## Preset classes for more granular CSS styling
.ets_tfp (Wrapping element)
.ets_tfp .caption (Caption element)
.ets_tfp .reset (Reset link element)
.ets_tfp .num (Count of threads)
.ets_tfp .active (Any active link element (Mind: select options auto-marked as selected instead))
.ets_tfp a (Any prefix link)

This is the basic HTML model/construct:

<span class="ets_tfp">

<!-- Optional caption button -->
<span class="caption">Filter:</span>

<!-- Optional self-defined CSS class -->
<a class="[self_defined_css_class]" href="...">Prefix One
<!-- Optional thread count -->
<span class="num">...</span>

<a class="[self_defined_css_class] active" href="...">Prefix Two
<span class="num">...</span>

<a class="[self_defined_css_class]" href="...">Prefix Three
<span class="num">...</span>

<!-- Optional reset button -->
<a class="reset" href="..." title="...">...</a>


CSS Styling Examples:

Make the whole filter appear as block width:
.ets_tfp { display: block; }

Make the thread count figures appear bold:
.ets_tfp .num { font-weight: bold; margin-left: 0.5em; }

Change caption color to red:
.ets_tfp .caption { color:# C00; }

Edit background color od reset button:
.ets_tfp .reset { background-color: #FCC; }

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Hi, thank you for your contribution Smile

As a suggestion, at forumdisplay_threadlist you could probably use $threadcache so you could simplify your query by simple using the tids. Also try using the is_member() function, like so:
$show_filter = is_member($mybb->settings['ets_tfp_groups']) && is_member($mybb->settings['ets_tfp_forums'], ['usergroup' => $fid]);

I have already sent him a working code
[MyBB 1.8 Czech translation] [MyBB 1.8 plugins]: Prune old PMs + optimize DB plugin --- Thank you/like system
Hi guys,
I appreciate your points of ascent Smile

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