Not Solved [How To?] Change default text color in default (wysiwyg) view of SCeditor?
Not Solved
SOLVED:  This was my solution. Not sure if this will help anyone else but it may be worth a try.

I just figured out the issue. It turns out I had to manually load the URLs to the two edited CSS files for the SCeditor in my web browser, then click refresh on them, then go back to the site and refresh the page and the changes WERE all working the entire time. Simply refreshing the site alone wasn't working. If nothing else works for you, try manually visiting those css files and then refreshing them inside the browser.


Update:  I keep trying to reword this better in case I'm making it overly confusing.  Basically when you start a new thread and have the WYSIWYG SCeditor open, the default text color starts out as black.  Changing the text color of the textarea/iframe for the editor ONLY changes it in source view, NOT in the default wysiwyg view.  This means that when I change the BG color to black by default for SCEditor, the text is also black to start with.  How do I change that starting text color in the wysiwyg editor for a new thread?

My original post/questions/edited file attempts below for reference:

I'm working on a new forum and using the "office" theme editor.  I changed its textarea background to black with no problem but that means I need lighter text when I type in it.  Unfortunately when I change the color for text to white, text stays black in the wysiwyg by default.  What's the trick to changing the default color of the text that we type into the textarea of the "office" themed editor?

These are the files I'm editing:
jscripts/sceditor/themes/office.css  (changed the font color in .sceditor-container iframe,.sceditor-container textarea, but it's ignored for the wysiwyg color)
jscripts/sceditor/styles/office.css  (changed the font color in html, body, p, code:before, table, but it's ignored for the wysiwyg color)

Is there a third location I need to set the color for the default/starting text color?  Where's the other setting related to this, please?

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