Not Solved Shoutbox MySQLi error: 1050 error
Not Solved
Shoutbox MySQLi error: 1050 error

when i tried to install the shoutbox again i got following error message:
MySQLi error: 1050
Table 'mybb_shouts' already exists
Query: CREATE TABLE `mybb_shouts` ( sid smallint unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, uid smallint unsigned NOT NULL default '0', username varchar(120) NOT NULL default '', message text NOT NULL default '', dateline bigint(30) NOT NULL default '0', ipaddress varchar(30) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (`sid`) ) TYPE=MyISAM

this is since i upgraded to mybb 1.2 but i don't know how to fix that.
can anyone please help me with that?
any help would be greatly appreciated.
Not Solved
Did you have a previous version of the shoutbox plugin installed before and did you deactivate it beforehand?

It looks as though the shouts table already exists, so firstly I would try removing the table manually through phpMyAdmin or a similar database administration tool.  I can provide further instructions on how to do this if needed?

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