Not Solved Netpen Image Upload Error
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Hello friends. First of all I apologize for my bad English.

The theme I use is Netpen.

When adding threads. I'm trying to add a picture to the topic. But I can't add pictures. What is the reason ?

My main error is not adding attachment
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It will not be due to an image compatibility error, perhaps the format you use is not adequate or the dimensions as well.
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AdminCP / Configuration / Attachments settings for attachments enabled.
AdminCP / Configuration / Attachment Types sets types and size.
AdminCP / Uses and Groups / User Groups / select a group / Forums and Posts sets permissions for attachments.

Please describe what happens when you are trying to add a picture. Is there no option to add, or is the attempt rejected with message, or does it seem to accept the upload but does not display?
Not Solved
On default netpen adding attachments just fine.
But beat in mind this theme is full of other bugs
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