My first skin
Hey everybody Smile
I am just showing off my first skin Toungue

Please tell me what I could improve!

I plan to release it to the public for download, that's why there is no real banner. I based the theme on the vBulletin 2 colour scheme.

EDIT: I finished it, it can be downloaded from my site (url is above). I have also submitted it to this site Smile
Hi, thanks for the submission to the site. Not a bad theme at all for a first attempt. Smile

I just thought you might like to know that you can reduce the size of your theme releases by removing several folders from the archive which are not required. The folders attachtypes, avatars, codebuttons, icons, regimages, and smilies are not required in a theme release since the same images are used for those things in all themes.
Oh... but in my theme settings, I set the images folder as "images/resurrection/". If the forum can't find an image, will it just use the ones in the default folder?

I changed the images folder because I changed some of the buttons and icons.
When your theme is used, theme images are taken from the images/resurrection/ directory. However, not all the folders within the images directory are affected by theme choice. For instance, attachment icons are always taken from images/attachtypes/, post icons are always taken from images/icons/, smilies from images/smilies/ and so on for the other folders mentioned in my last post.

Obviously, your images/resurrection/ should contain all your custom "standard" theme images which would usually reside in the MyBB images directory. The only folders you need to include however are the english folder and toplinks. The other folders are not required since those images are automatically taken from the normal images directory.
Ah, okay, thanks Smile
I'll be sure to change that in for my skin Big Grin

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