Plugins for Social Media Metatags and Sharing
I'm looking for plugins which will ..

1) Pull the Metag Data (pictures and description) of posts so when you share the link on Facebook (etc), it grabs the picture/video and description of the post.

2) Social Media Sharing Icons so forum users can share a post to different social platforms

3) Easy posting and embedding of Rumble and Bitchute videos by simply pasting in the video link in a post.

Hmm no answer, not good Sad
(2022-10-14, 09:59 PM)gazzagreen Wrote: Hmm no answer, not good Sad

I am also looking for this and there is a free wordpress plugin that do exactly this but i am a very average coder so i will try to figure it out and let you know if i have any success with it.

Anyone who value his freedom should support those platform since a global dictatorship is censoring every single media one after the other and no one seem to be aware of the danger lurking ahead. 

Regards Peter
no one still has a single clue for this?

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