Automatically make posts from multiple accounts
Before you ask -- yes, I'm making a fake forum. However, it's for a work of fiction, not to spam people!

I'm the developer for a group of people making a fictional story told through a forum. I've set up a MyBB install and skinned it appropriately for the kind of old-web forum look we want. I have full root access to the server where MyBB is installed. Now I need to put the posts on the forum. Our writers draft in Google Docs, so I have basically a plain-text list of threads/posts from 20+ different users.

I'm wondering what the best way to get these posts on the forum is. They all need to be associated with the correct account, and there's the added complication of us wanting to backdate all the forum posts so that they have timestamps appropriate to when they happened in the story.
  • Does a plugin to do some of this stuff already exist?
  • Is it a bad idea to use Python to just directly add accounts and posts to the website database?
  • Is there some sort of a MyBB API I can use to make posts automatically?
  • Is there a smarter option for this that I didn't think of?
  • Is all of this a terrible idea and I should prepare for some manual data entry?
The one bright side is that we're going to make a static mirror of the website before the story is released, so there shouldn't be any issues with anyone being able to tamper with the forum. It's okay if I can't make posts in real-time, I just want them all on there!

I really appreciate any help or tips anyone can give! Thanks Smile
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Just loop:
register > login > post

You can use javascript to create an interval wrapped around it that will continuously do the called function you make.

var interval = setInterval (function ()
// call your register function, inside register, then create login, then post, now logout.
// this timer will act like threads and keep redoing the process after execution, However I will not spoon feed you. :P
}, 20000);

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