How easy is it to upload photos from MyBB?
I am considering using this platform but first wanted to gauge all of your experience with uploading photos?

How simply are photo uploads from a mobile device? I tried clicking on the attach files icon and it didn't seem to simple. Is there a way to make that easier?
We are intending to make it much more easier in recent days.
(2021-04-14, 10:31 PM)robafi Wrote: Hi, can't wait to see these new changes.

Yes. Its already merged in the core.
Not willing to spam, but no option... if you wanna experience live head on to our unofficial group's playground site:
I'm also coding a plugin to upload all files directly to the BunnyCDN Storage service, to keep your server space at a minimum while still being able to use the attachment feature for mass usage. With no intention to spam either but their prices are good:

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