Sub-account plugin request or advice
I'm looking for a plugin (or a way to do this or something similar with an already existing one), that would enable the registered users (masters) to create sub-accounts (puppets), with the following caveats:

1. puppets can only be created from within the forum (i.e. a puppet-type account cannot register using the regular way) and only by a master
2. a master can have as many puppets as they want
3. masters can browse the entire forum, but only puppets can post in some (and if the given puppet can post there)
4. ideally, when posting, the master would be able to choose the puppet identity.
5. puppets can be transferred between masters, if both master users approve.
6. puppets'  creation and deletion would need to be approved by a Mod (master, regular user) with a specific role.

Is there any plugin existing currently that can achieve this or at least most of it? Would there be a way to bash this together using a couple of plugins?
Nice to have - OUGC Awards compatibility.
Literally what I asked for, at least based on the description.
Will check out Smile

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