Not Solved How do I enlarge code snippet?
Not Solved

The problem is I need code snippet (by the [code] tag) to be larger and span more vertical spaceĀ 
(preferably with ability to enlarge snippet with mouse freely)


Also, how do I got about executing Java codes on the server?
what I want to do: have (java) code snippets in posts on the forums, and by clicking button the snippet executes
I understand this is risky, but I'm the only one using the forum.
is it even doable!? any ideas?

Initially, can you please tell me how to add:
+ a button to the "Post" editor, with which I could spawn some HTML/etc... inside the post?
+ how to read the content of [code] (so that I try to copy it, save it, and do, in general, what I need related to the content of this tag... I may use Java Applets to do further steps like CLI stuff..

Also, the initial question: how to extend (and?) freely resize the [code] block in posts

Thanks a lot
Not Solved
Update: I am trying to use Ace Editor in the forums, instead of relying on [code] tags and such.

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