Not Solved I can't load the forum under the main nav menu
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I loaded MyBB 1.8.26 via Softaculous on a blog site. It comes up but I can't figure out how to place it under the site's main navigation menu. 

By comparison, I loaded wpforo on another site and used the slug [wpforo] on the destination page. It showed up under the menu and actually produced its own nav menu. I would much rather use MyBB on both sites because I think it looks better and I really like the capabilities with the plugins. 

Am I missing something obvious? Do I have to do a manual install?

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You need to play with header template.
Imitate the same navigation of your main site to that template.
Not Solved
Thank you.

I looked in the folders in the lets-talk directory but can't seem to find it. Where is it? I don't know PHP so if it involves changing code I'll need more help.

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This is in ACP, "Templates & styles" > "Templates"
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