Thank You MyBB
13 years ago I found myself with Internet for the first time and spent many an hour watching AMVs of DragonBall Z scenes set to Linkin Park. Between these videos I found the time to create my own YuGiOh! cards on a forum with an apt name:

One day, much like the others, I pulled up my favorite site to find that there was a server issue, though of course I had no idea what that meant. But I did see the error message accompanied by a cloud logo with some letters that had to mean something: mybb. So I googled it and found you.

I didn’t know what I was looking at, at first, but after a few minutes I realized I had found software that could help me make my very own website. I tried making sense of the beginner’s guides I found and couldn’t make heads or tails of them, but I did end up digging up a site that installed mybb forums for you. It felt like true magic, and I felt like a real wizard.

This was mostly a hobby for me for so long. And I loved it. I’ve made thousands of websites since 2008, and after some time I realized I could make some side money doing this for others too.

Three years ago I found myself at a career dead end and decided to throw all my chips into the software development basket. And I mean all of my chips. I was unemployed, homeless, eating at a soup kitchen for so long. But that original feeling of being a wizard stayed with me and I have finally found myself on the other side of this journey.

I’m officially a full stack engineer for an excellent company that shares my worldview and is paying me more than I ever expected to make.

I can’t thank you enough, MyBB.
I can’t thank you enough, Alex.
I can’t thank you enough, labrocca.

I’m finally living my dream and it’s all thanks to you. Keep being excellent, my friends.

And thanks for putting up with me when I was so boneheaded, stupid, and full of pride.
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Congratulations and really happy to see MyBB has changed the life of someone Smile
These stories are really inspirational.
Congratulations Smile

My story is like yours. I found MyBB because one day a community had server issues and showed MyBB logo. I googled it and found that it was a forum software. Since it was free I downloaded it and tested it to see if it could replace a forum that I created on forumcommunity. After seeing his potential I also started learning PHP and developed my first plugin "Forum Icons", I was only 15 yo. Then after receiving good feedbacks I developed other plugins and I also started receiving requests for custom plugins for free at beginning and then they started paying me.

2 years ago I started working as a full stack developer in a company. I'm actually low paid but it's a good start for now.

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well, I  joined the coding world by MyBB, about 7 years ago I was playing SA:MP like any regular player.
a friend create an SA:MP server and created a forum (MyBB) he asked the staff team who can manage the forum to create the boards etc...
i told him I can but the truth idk anything about managing the forum from the ACP. I went to the ACP and tried to find some tutorials on youtube...
at 4 am I get everything done

A few days later I started asking myself how the web works then u know the rest. Last Year I have launched my web Development Agency.

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