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I am developing a website with xthreads plugin. After create the xthreads field in the devlopment site, I want to do the exactly configuration on the live site.

I am currently manually duplicate the configuration on the Admin GUI, which is slow and can easily introduce errors.

Is there a better or easier way to export the xthreads setting and import it to another website?


Rusty Ox
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if you want to copy all the things you have in your present website to your new fresh mybb website then here is a guidance..

just go to your phpmyadmin and export all the database and download all the files from your capnel filemanager.

Go to the your new live forums hosting cpanel and upload all the files that you have downloaded.

and fresh install again the mybb...

after that ulpoad the settings.php which you already have downloaded (you will find it from inc/settings.php ) to your new host filemanager to public_html/inc/

after that go to the phpmyadmin and drop all the tables from your database and click import button and choose the database you have downloaded 1st.

after import done check the your website. and edit the board url in acp.
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Hi Paradoxp,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Your answer is good for migrating/recover the website. I am sure I will need this in the near future as I am going to migrate the website soon. My web server apache2 freezes every few days and I don't know why, so I am thinking of do a fresh install for apache2 and Ubuntu.

Although my website is already online, it is still under heavily developing and it has 3 branchs: dev, release and live.
It is a bit pain to repeat 3 times to manually add each xthreads field for each branch.

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