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Thanks for the update excited for this next release! And the future!
This has to be the best decision MyBB has made for a very long time.

I have been hanging on in there for the final release of 1.8 and now I know 1.8 will only receive security and bug fixes I will be able to update to 1.8.27 and probably rework my theme as it won't break so often with a new update. At last it looks like there will finally be a stable version of MyBB withought unwanted tweaks going on. Thank you.

I know a lot of people want 1.9, but I'm happy as are my members with 1.8 as long as you stop playing around with it (which going by the blog post you will now do) I can now sort out all those little left over niggles that have been hanging around and tidy things up.

When 1.9 comes out I may set up a test site for my members, but I don't see myself moving from 1.8 for a long time after it's released. The reason ? Because going up from 1.6 to 1.8 has been a nightmare over the years, things broke and every time there was an update something else went wrong to the stage where I only ever updated for high security reasons. So for me I would rather see 1.9 settled down for at least one year after final release before I think of using it.

It was nice to read the blog post and it does sound like a little bit of Mojo could be coming back to MyBB.

I wish you well with 1.9, but thank you for finally committing to leaving 1.8 alone. 

Good move.

1.8 is already a very solid forum software and I'm in no particular rush to see 1.9. So, well done everyone who contributed!

As for the Internet: Yeah, forums have plateaued years ago and are now slowly eroding away into nothingness. There'll always be a niche market for forums but nothing like during the 2000s. And sadly, forums don't feel too great on handheld devices (phones).
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(2021-05-18, 01:56 AM)vbgamer45 Wrote: Thanks for the update excited for this next release! And the future!

To the Future and Beyond. Smile
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I'm hoping the future will include the option of a Facebook / Google registration - this will GREATLY improve forum participation IMHO - and extend the life of forums in general.

Bye-the-way - congratulations and many thanks to the folks involved in development of MyBB.
(and I'm sorry to see the departure of shade)
(2021-08-13, 06:19 PM)CloudyBright Wrote: I'm hoping the future will include the option of a Facebook / Google registration

Do you mean for logging in using these social platforms ?
No, I mean to register new accounts.
I see more and more websites (not forums) offering the ability to register using one's Facebook or Google identity.
You are correct, such a feature would be useful (registration plus login).

I don't think it is planned for 1.9 (I might be wrong) since it doesn't seem a priority as plenty of plugins that work will likely be updated for 1.9, but eventually the code base should be improved into this direction.
In the meantime, there's Isango.

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