DA and PA
I'm a newbie to SEO, how is DA and PA of moz and UR and DR of ahrefs could affect backlinks. Please reply
URL ranking and domain ranking are metrics used by Ahrefs to measure site backlink profiles.UR is obviously positively correlated with Google ranking. This means that pages with high UR tend to rank higher in organic search results.

Domain authority (DA) - How well a website will rank on SERP.

Page authority (PA) - How well a page will rank on SERP.

So, you need to get a proper backlink to your website to improve your DA or PA and UR or DR.
You should get links related to your topic. For example if your website is about games, you should get links from websites about games. You don't have to do this , but it's better for your ranking. Also think about getting links from website not forums.
DR: Domain Rating
UR: URL Rating
DA: Domain Authority
PA: Page Authority
It can increase only by backlinks. But you have to create quality backlinks. And it should be indexed by search engines. So your DA, PA, DR, and UR will increase.

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