Not Solved Spammed with over 10,000 user accounts
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Any idea how to remove them in bulk? I can only clear one page at a time.
Is there any way to filter IP addresses by country when reviewing them?

Ive been OK up to now, but all of a sudden, some bots appear out of nowhere causing thousands of account registers.
I have always had manual admin activation enabled, and have also added captcha text, but the bots seem to be getting through this.

Thanks for any advice.

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Try using a security question, and the preregister agreement, that will stop them, hopefully someone else can help you with the other questions.
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To remove - I'd use phpmyadmin, if you have access.

Open the mybb_users table, then the SQL tab.

DELETE FROM FROM mybb_users WHERE usergroup = 5;

It will give you a chance to 'dry run' before deleting.  So a good sanity check.  Another decent sanity check is a simple select query:

SELECT * FROM mybb_users WHERE usergroup = 5;

Confirm you have the right group first.  As with all bulk delete queries - good idea to backup the database first. Wink

You could also use the phpmyadmin search tab, which would enable you list up to 500 at a time. 

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Good suggestions above, out of curiosity over what time frame did you have that amount of registrations and do you have a captcha selected and security questions etc already?

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