Not Solved Adding Thanks and Rep to index page
Not Solved
I am trying to figure out which code to add for showing thanks count and current rep to add to the index page. Currently I have whats below and it doesnt display.

<div class="card-detail-box1"><div style="display: grid;"><span class="card-nymd"><span class="numbr-sts-cardda">Reputation</span></span></span>{$post['replink']}</div></div>
<div class="card-detail-box2"><div style="display: grid;"><span class="card-nymd"><span class="numbr-sts-cardda">Thanks</span></span>{$post['tyl_unumrcvtyls']}:</div></div>

Id assume these two {$post['replink']} and {$post['tyl_unumrcvtyls']}: are wrong
Not Solved
How do you mean on index? Only for each user his own counting?

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