Sellix API Integration Plugin (MySubscriptions & Newpoints Purchase Credits)
Hi everybody, 

I'm making this thread to get the community's opinion on a plugin I'm developing.
This plugin is an integration with 2 other plugins. MySubscriptions 2.3.5 & Newpoints Purchase credits

With this plugin, you can sell subscriptions or Newpoints with the sellix api by automating the payment.

The features of the plugin are:

- Create / delete products directly via the Mybb Admin interface
- Change the payment metohds to use the Sellix api as payment. (instead of CoinPayments.)
- Benefit from all the versatility and customizations of Sellix with its dashboard etc...

And many other features that may arrive in the future.

I would like to know if the community is interested in such a plugin.

Some screenshots of the plugin :
[Image: capture1.png]
[Image: capture2.png][Image: capture3.png]
I would like to point out that the plugin is still under development and that features will certainly be added in the future.

If you have any suggestions for features or improvements, please let me know.
Big Grin
looking good, add some more screenshot if available.

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