Pay for plugins?
True. So I have to make sure it's feature rich and as bug-free as possible (the Holy Grail right? :p)
You could make pluggins say a gallery mod and then people buy that mod from you. Know if that mod was available i would buy it.
I dont mind paying $1-2 for something that i really need.

At the minute im waiting for the shop mod to be released that is part of the myps mod if i could pay $1-2 and it would be released much sooner id be happy to do that
Same here
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I don't think it's a good idea to charge for plugins, simply because MyBB is already free and for other forum software people already charge way too much for plugins so it's good to finally see a message board that's very good and offers plugins for free download. Apart from that I think only few people would pay for plugins.
I see no problem charging a reasonable amount of money to develop a custom plugin. However, if I develop a plugin for my site and think others would enjoy it, I'd release it for free.
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And I see nothing wrong with charging for plugins if that's what the author wants.

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